Sea container transportation

The company “Smart Rise Logistics” carries out container transportation of cargoes in all available directions. The goods of our numerous customers are moving between the ports of Ukraine (Odessa, Chernomorsk, Yuzhny) and the ports of the countries of Southeast Asia, China, India, South Korea, Turkey, USA.

The commitment of modern business to the transportation of goods in sea containers is based on the high degree of protection of goods from spoilage and relatively low costs of transportation, storage and transshipment.

Export-import operations for the delivery of sea containers include the use of several types of transport, warehouses and terminals, forwarding, customs registration. They require the consolidated actions of many participants and partners. Established partnerships allow our personnel to organize sea transportation of goods in containers promptly, in a coordinated and high-quality manner.

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To implement the scheme of cargo transportation in a sea container we carry out a complex of measures:

  • booking space on the ship;
  • selection of the type of container;
  • loading, transportation, unloading of the container;
  • freight forwarding;
  • preparation of accompanying documentation;
  • survey services.

Depending on the type of the cargo, we select containers of different types and volumes, including: refrigerators, container platforms without side walls and top (Flat Rack), open top (Open Top).


The company “Smart Rise Logistics” can offer advantageous pricing conditions for representatives of small and medium-sized businesses.

To fulfil this we use a system for the formation of prefabricated containers, which significantly reduces transportation costs. The cost of transporting of the container is paid collectively, that is by several entrepreneurs. It is awarded to each participant based on the actual volume that his goods occupy in the common container.

The prices for sea freight are characterized by constant changes. The price of container transportation by sea includes the costs: for sea freight, loading at the port of departure, unloading at the port of destination, port charges, amendments to exchange rates, other components, including those related to the seasons of the year.

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Within the framework of container shipping we provide:

  • favorable conditions for cargo insurance against all possible risks in reliable international insurance companies;
  • control of cargo location along the route;
  • prompt reaction to all kinds of customer requests;
  • optimal routes and tariffs.
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