Overland transportation (auto & railway)


Today the transportation of cargo by rail in many cases is the most profitable in financial terms. Railway transportation play away to road transport in speed, but has an advantage in carrying capacity and transportation costs.

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We will analyze and offer the best option for each shipment individually.

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International transportation by road is one of the activities of the company "Smart Rise Logistics". We deliver import, export, transit cargoes in the containers, tents and other trailers to all regions of Ukraine, Post Soviet Union countries and Europe.

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In addition to the full load of transport from one client, we can offer services for the transportation of bulk cargo. Logistic schemes are calculated taking into account passing trucks and the availability of transit of warehouses in the direction of the cargo. In many situations, this delivery is much cheaper than transporting partially filled vehicles.

Special semi-trailers are used for transportation, that can transport heavy and oversized cargoes, specialized container equipment, refrigerators, etc.

The company "Smart Rise Logistics" cooperates with reliable road hauliers, delivering oversized, dangerous and especially heavy cargoes. All cars are provided with licensing documents necessary for the passage of non-standard goods along the routes of Ukraine, Europe and Post Soviet Union countries. If it is necessary, the cargo of special value is insured and provided with protection.

If for the transport of particularly heavy loads, machinery and equipment, it is intended to use rail or water transport, we deliver goods from the actual location to the place of loading.

For our clients, the staff of the road transport department works - operators, managers, logisticians. Managers will select suitable vehicles for your cargo, the logisticians will calculate the optimal route of the traffic, the operators will answer the question about the location of the cargo.

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