Freight insurance

Private and legal entities that are interested in transporting goods often have problems with insurance of their goods. It is difficult to determine the terms of insurance independently, because there are a lot of criteria, that play an important role in such calculations.

The question is that in the case of an insured event (as it seems to the client), the company must pay a certain amount of money as compensation. In fact it turns out that if the force majeure occurred, it is not an insurance event, so no one is going to pay compensation.

Then there are quite long legislation, additional losses of time and money to solve this issue.In addition, the issue of liability for cargo is no less complicated. You can get acquainted with the information about it here.

Independently, without being an expert in the insurance, it is difficult to solve such a problem - there are many types of insurance, and they are related to different goods, insurance options, differing terms of insurance. Only a qualified specialist who knows all the nuances and pitfalls of work in this direction will be able to hold a full consultation on this issue.

By turning to us you will receive a full consultation about the insurance of the transported cargo regardless of its category. Our specialists will help you to choose the best package of services, that suits your requirements the best.

The simplest consultation guarantees the effective work with minimization of risks.Of course, during transportation of cargo, you can work with other insurance specialists

And in order for you to be fully convinced that insurance is necessary, we suggest you to get acquainted with the information about the 330-meter vessel Maersk, which caught fire at sea. Of course, such situations are  happen very rarely. This is confirmed by the statistics, which can be found here, but it is better to secure your cargo.

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