Customs registration

The main direction of the logistics company “Smart Raise Logistics” is the provision of services for international container transportation. We daily deal with issues related to the import, export, transit of goods through the largest ports of Ukraine - Odessa, Chernomorsk, Yuzhny.

Customs registration is an obligatory procedure, necessary for the legalization of goods. As in other areas of business, it requires professionalism, skills, understanding of many nuances associated with international trade transactions.


Along with freight forwarding services we offer our clients assistance in customs registration of export-import cargoes. For the prompt passage of customs we recommend proven and experienced customs brokers with whom we have cooperated for more than one year. They represent the interests of our clients in the customs authorities, provide a package of necessary documents for cargo and vehicles crossing the Ukrainian border. The customs broker acts on behalf of a private entrepreneur or legal entity and solves the whole complex of tasks without which it is impossible to clear or “tamper” the cargo for international transportation:

  • advises on licensing and quoting issues in accordance with the law;
  • analyzes the contractual terms of delivery and payment of goods in accordance with the currency legislation;
  • calculates customs duties and fees;
  • draws up customs declarations for cargo and transport;
  • prepares necessary laboratory conclusions and certificates for cargo.

Stop wasting your time – go to us for the customs registration!

Why do we recommend professional brokers for customs registration of exported goods and customs registration of imported goods?

Every employer, who has at least once undergone customs procedures himself knows about the senseless loss of time and effort associated with the lack of special training, knowledge and communications.

For the export of goods outside the country it is necessary to pass accreditation at the customs office, provide goods and a package of documents confirming ownership of it, certificates of quality and origin of goods, delivery contract, international waybills and other documents

The difficulties in signing a customs declaration are related to the correct definition of the product code in accordance with the international commodity nomenclature and the calculation of the floating exchange rate. The amounts of customs duties and dues must correspond to the exchange rate on the day of the declaration and be specified in the customs declaration. Any mistakes in completing the declaration lead to idle time, additional costs, violation of contractual obligations. Therefore the speed of the broker's work is important.

During customs registration of imported goods, the package of documents for customs control is no less important than for exporting goods.

Customs brokers are aware of all the specifics of the design of goods including re-exporting. Legislation allows the passage of customs procedures, both at the place of registration of the enterprise and at the place of receipt or shipment of goods.

The company “Smart Rise Logistics” is your reliable partner and qualified assistant in the field of solving problems on international delivery of goods!

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