Air service

If you are interested in the rapid transportation of goods of medium and small size air delivery will be ideal for you.

Having entrusted this task to specialists and applying for advice to us, you can get a guarantee that:

1. The cost of air transportation will not change during the transportation itself, you can count on a fixed tariff.

2. The order will be delivered in a short time.

3. Safe transportation of goods is guaranteed.

4. The work will be carried out in a high-quality and very quickly.

5. We cooperate only with reliable transportation companies.

We will consult you on any type of transported goods and you will receive not only answers to your questions, but also the most convenient options for carrying out the order of interest. In addition, you can obtain information on insurance, transportation of dangerous goods, creating the necessary conditions for the transportation of the actual goods for you.

You can tell the experts working in our company the optimal case and package of delivery of goods. We are engaged in logistics services in the sphere of air transportation not the first year, and we will take into account all the nuances and questions that may arise during work with your order.

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