China is developing a platform for testing autonomous cars in traffic
China is building its first platform for testing autonomous cars in highway conditions due to a global shift towards technologically advanced and autonomous cars. The state-owned Qilu Transportation Development Group uses the existing highway section to create a test site in the eastern province of Shandong. Construction began on April 12, and according to the […]
24 Apr 2019
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Changing trends in the market for super-large ships
The dry bulk cargo market can be redirected geographically against the background of declining growth in demand, according to data from Bimco, the world’s largest maritime association. Such shifts are due to a decrease in demand in the key market in China. Demand has practically “disappeared” as domestic steel production in China grows and imports […]
22 Apr 2019
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EU Parliament approves maritime single-window system
The EU’s social partners in the maritime sector – ECSA (European Shipowners Association) and ETF (European Transport Workers’ Federation) – contributed to the adoption of the European Sea Single Window System. After the entry into force of the Regulations will begin the procedure of administrative simplification of the shipping sector. For several years now, the […]
21 Apr 2019
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The transshipment in the seaports of Ukraine grew by 12.4%
Within three months, 2019 Ukrainian ports handled about 37 million tons of cargo, which is 4.1 million tons (or 12.4%) more than during the same period of the previous year. About this reports the Administration of Sea Ports of Ukraine (AIPA). The positive dynamics of increase in transhipment is influenced by the products of the […]
18 Apr 2019
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Delivery of goods should be more protected from cyber attacks
According to Navay Dome’s cybersecurity director general, Itai Sela, the maritime sector is being harassed by highly motivated cybercriminals, so the shipping industry must be in a state of a maximum cyber attack. Speaking at the Singapore Marine Technology Conference (SMTC) 2019, Sela noted that the marine industry remains vulnerable and not enough protection measures […]
16 Apr 2019
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International rules need to be developed for autonomous shipping
According to Morten Lind-Olsen, CEO of Dualog, autonomous vessels have become a constant topic of court discussions in recent years. But in his opinion, the focus should be on regulatory acts. “Discussions should relate to legislation, global coordination and rules. Autonomous shipping needs a global set of rules,” he said after a group discussion on […]
15 Apr 2019
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The party of military equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine arrived in the port of Odessa
On April 10, the third consignment of HMMWV (highly mobile multi-purpose wheeled vehicles) arrived in the port of Odessa. The first such batch was received in 2015, the second – in the fall of 2017. Delivered vehicles Sea Car, flying the flag of Malta. In total, 175 tons of weapons were delivered to Ukraine from […]
11 Apr 2019
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Autonomous cars are testing on the streets of Hamburg
Five electric cars Volkswagen, equipped with the latest autonomous technology, are driving through the streets of Hamburg. The automaker announced that they are implementing the first tests of vehicles with automation 4 levels in the streets of the city. The e-Golf cars that are tested in Volkswagen, designed to work in the difficult conditions of […]
10 Apr 2019
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