A 3D printing house will be equipped in the Singapore port

Singapore will create the world's first 3D printing house at the port for the production of parts.

A Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between PSA, the Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), 3D MetalForge and the National Innovation Production Cluster (NAMIC) to set up a manufacturing facility at the Pasir Panjang terminal in Singapore.

Such production will be provided by printers that are able to produce port equipment, in order to reduce the number of spare parts that need to be stored, as well as to shorten the time needed to make special parts. All details will be stored in a digital cloud, which is provided by blockchain technology for more reliable file transfer.

Ong Kim Pong, Regional Director General of PSA International, said: “In close cooperation with the EDB, we learned that the era of digital printing is becoming more important in the maritime industry. We predict that this technology will be widely implemented in the near future.”

The port authorities also signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with NAMIC and the Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) with the aim of creating a Joint Industrial Program for 3D Printing of Parts for Ships.

Andrew Tan, executive director of the Singapore port, said: “As a leading maritime center, Singapore firmly believes that the maritime industry must embrace new technologies, such as 3D printing. Digitization of the maritime sector in all its aspects is irreversible. "

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