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General cargoes

General cargoes are cargoes for transportation of which special packaging is used. It can be various packages, bags, boxes and all alike packed products. Often the carriage of such goods requires consolidated packages, which should be emphasized when planning combined transport.

General cargo can be divided into the following types:

  • Metal and reinforced concrete products;
  • various types of the cargo, that can move for example, cars;
  • timber;
  • packaged products.

Considering the fact that general cargo is often transported in prefabricated containers, it is necessary to consider the compatibility of products, because:

  • Cargo may have aggressive chemical characteristics;
  • Cargo may be unstable to the influence of aggressive factors;

In addition, a neutral cargo is separated.

Depending on the degree of danger of the products of each lot, the appropriate marking is assigned:

  • B (dangerous),
  • P (those that require a special level of temperature, humidity and ventilation),
  • G (dirty or sensitive to dust),
  • To (corrosive - are prone to rust formation or are capable of provoking it),
  • T (those that produce heat or heat-sensitive),
  • C (sanitary-quarantine, sanitary-dangerous or those that are sensitive to the action of other quarantine goods),
  • C (those that emit or absorb odors).

The process of transportation of general cargoes is quite complicated and involves special knowledge, so it is the reason, why we recommend you to consult our specialists.

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