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Types and sizes of containers, trailers, semitrailers
There exist different types of containers, among which you can always choose suitable one. Below there are given sizes and descriptions of the most popular types of containers. Pay attention that given examples can change in a limit from 5 to 15 mm. The universal containers are used to carry any type of general cargos. There exist 4 types of containers:
  • DC (Dry Cube) is a dry universal container, its height is 8 feet and 6 inches and the width is 8 feet;
  • HC или HQ (High Cube ) is taller than a regular container by 1 feet;
  • PW (Pallet Wide) is a container with increased width;
  • HCPW (Pallet Wide High) is a container with increased width and length.
Universal containers (DC, PW, HC, HCPW)
Used to carry any type of general cargo.
Open-top containers (Open-top, ОТ)
Used for every type of cargo in case, if unloading and uploading is provided through the roof or door with the help of crane or windlass.
Flatrack container platforms (Flatracks, FR)
Mainly used for transportation of heavy cargo or oversized cargo.
40feet containers
20feet containers
Refrigerated containers Basically, reefers container are used for sea transportation and for storage of perishable goods such as fruits and vegetables, fish and meat. Reefer container is able to keep temperature in a range from -25 to +25 degrees, independently of the outside temperature. The usage of full featured ventilation helps to keep the necessary temperature and humidity inside the container.
Trailers and semitrailers

There are also many types and sizes of trailers and semitrailers. Here are given examples of the trailers and semitrailers which are used most of all:

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